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Dry ice

Production and sale of dry ice,
Cleaning of various surfaces with dry ice

We are dry ice producers, sellers and suppliers of dry ice surface blasting services.
We produce and sell dry ice used in food and cleaning industry in three pellet sizes of 3 mm, 8 mm and 16 mm. We supply dry ice in a special thermal box that protects the ice during transportation and ensures its maximum shelf life. Our freshly made dry ice is perfect for your most inventive needs.
Since dry ice and water easily create an impressive fog effect, it is widely used in the entertainment business: in organizing public or private events, dance halls, cinemas, theatres, various thematic photoshoots, educational programmes for children. Dry ice is also widely used in the food industry as it helps to serve beverages and frozen food impressively.
We also provide dry ice blasting services for equipment surfaces. Compared to other abrasive cleaning methods, dry ice blasting does not completely damage the original surface and therefore the cleaned surface remains the same as before contamination.

We invite you to learn more about the intended use of dry ice on our website and, if necessary, order dry ice and accessories for its safe use in our e-shop without leaving home.
We work all over Lithuania.

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