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Surface cleaning of industrial equipment
Anti-corrosion solutions


Surface cleaningAbrasive cleaning (sandblasting/shot blasting/glass blasting)

The most common and widely used surface cleaning methods

The company is equipped with sandblasting, shot blasting and glass blasting chambers that can hold products up to 12 meters long. As a result, we not only work in the site, but also perform work in chambers, thus saving your costs.
Depending on the technical task, the amount of surface dirt and the desired effect, our specialists select the most suitable abrasive cleaning method – sandblasting, blasting, glass blasting and, if necessary, anti-corrosion coating.

Various surfaces can be sandblasted, i.e. metal, wood, concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, stone, etc.

Sandblasting is one of the most common methods of metal cleaning. Rust is a weak point of metal equipment or structures that, if not removed in time, can cause significant damage.
The advantage of sandblasting is that it cleans hard-to-reach areas that cannot be cleaned in the usual way. It is the fastest and most effective way to remove rust, paint and other old coatings from metal, wood and concrete surfaces. When blast cleaning, the surface is roughened at the same time to improve the adhesion of the paint to the existing surface.
If you need to clean oily, rusty, soot, smudged or otherwise contaminated surfaces, don’t waste time trying to wash them with water or clean them manually.
If you want to save time on cleaning, priming or painting, contact us and we will be happy to explain how this advanced cleaning process can benefit you.
We perform sandblasting of rims, car parts, agricultural machinery, antiques, equipment, tanks and more.
We perform surface blast cleaning according to ISO 12944-4 corresponding to cleanliness classes Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5 and Sa3.
This method of abrasive cleaning is effective in power supply, oil refining, wood processing and similar plants that require anti-corrosion repairs of metal structures.
Surface cleaning with glass abrasive (glass blasting) is one of the mildest (dry ice blasting is the mildest) finishing cleaning methods and almost invisible to the naked eye. It is used in cases where a very delicate cleaning method is required.

High pressure washing and cleaning service - Premium Pressure Clean

Surface cleaningHigh pressure water jetting

The surfaces that can be cleaned are metal, reinforced concrete, pipelines, brickwork, ceramics, asphalt, plastic.

Our company’s specialists successfully solve complex cleaning problems in many industries using ultra-high pressure (depending on the need – hot or cold) water jet.
The application of ultra-high pressure water jetting in industry, construction, road construction or just in the household is very widely used. High pressure water jetting includes cleaning of contaminated or clogged pipes of various diameters, heat exchangers, cleaning of chemical waste, oversized equipment, electrostatic precipitators and similar washing works.
Each washing case is unique. We will come to your site, inspect it, consult and help you solve your problems.
High pressure washing and cleaning service - Premium Pressure Clean

Surface cleaningDry ice blasting

We provide dry ice blasting services of industrial equipment.

Compared to other abrasive cleaning methods, dry ice blasting does not completely damage the original surface and therefore it remains the same as it was before contamination.

Oil, paint, resin, petroleum products, soot, asphalt, stickers, dirt, ink, glue, varnishes are just a few of the materials that can be removed with dry ice from any hard surface.
Dry ice blasting procedure is performed by blasting dry ice on the surface with a high jet, creating micro-explosions on the surfaces that can easily remove contaminants from the cleaned layer.
Due to the sudden cooling of the dirt on the surface and the strong flow of air and dry ice, the contaminants to be cleaned are completely removed. In this case, dry ice pellets are used instead of sand. At high air pressure, the pellets are fired into the object to be cleaned, and due to high cold, the contaminants crumble and separate from the surface to be cleaned.

Our qualified specialists have been working in the field of surface cleaning for more than ten years, which is evidenced by the positive client feedback. Dry ice blasting is the most potential and future-oriented cleaning method. Surface cleaning at extremely low dry ice temperatures (-79 °C) kills all germs and bacteria.

Surface cleaningAnti-corrosion coating

Coating is one of the ways to protect areas affected by corrosion.

Coated surfaces preserve the aesthetic appearance and durability of structures for longer. Each surface has its own service life depending on the aggressiveness of the environment acting on it. We select the appropriate anti-corrosion system after assessing the environment in which one or another coated surface is intended to be used.
We carry out coating of various galvanized, reinforced concrete, wooden, stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metal structures.
We cover metal surfaces with anti-corrosion primers and coatings in accordance with EN ISO 12944-5: 2007 standard.

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