The helmet designed for metallisation works

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Helmet Luna is designed for metallisation works (coating of structures with liquid metal). This process causes the formation of metal fumes, dust and UV radiation, which are very dangerous to human health. Panoramic visor of the helmet has a UV filter. Gold is used to make the surface of the UV absorbing visor.
The helmet is equipped with additional headphones which protect against high noise levels. An indicator is built into the front part, which helps the sandblaster to see the amount of incoming air during work. The helmet is also equipped with a system that regulates the amount of incoming air. There is a version of the helmet where the incoming air temperature can be set (cooled or heated).
The helmet with protect the sandblaster’s:
respiratory tract from dust and other contaminants,
ears from high noise,
eyes, head and upper part of the body from corrosive particles and other materials detached from the sandblasted surface.
The highest quality materials and modern technologies are used for the production of helmets. The helmets are made of highly wear-resistant fiberglass additionally coated with wear-resistant polyurethane layer. The helmet has a two-glass system. The visor frame is made of ABS plastic. The panoramic view provides wider and better visibility. The helmet is assembled manually to ensure 100% quality control. The technological solutions of the helmet are those that are not used in other similar products.
The production parameters of the helmet are protected by a CE certificate in accordance with Directive 89/686/EEC and standards EN271, EN14 594.
The helmet manufacturer has a TÜV NORD quality management certificate ISO 9001.
Helmet benefits:
wear, liquid metal and fire resistant helmet,
outer glass which is easy to change,
ergonomic and comfortable interior helmet trim,
the inner lining is adjustable for head comfort,
the inner lining pads are washable.
OH version has additional headphones,
work comfort and safety of high level,
very light –1.6 kg without the vest

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