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Sandblasting is the most popular and most widely used method of surface cleaning.
Water Jetting Specialists at our company use ultra high pressure water flow to successfully solve difficult cleani... Water Jetting
Coating Coating is one of the ways to protect areas affected by corrosion. Coating
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About us

Srauta UAB is a successful certified company providing surface treatment services. 

Certified systems of Quality management EN ISO 9001:2015, Environmental management EN ISO 14001:2015 and Employee health and safety management OHSAS 18001:2007 are implemented at the company.


Main activities: cleaning of technological equipment in industrial objects using high pressure water flow, cleaning of various extremely dirty surfaces, conveyors, printing-house equipment using "dry ice" without interruption of production process, dust-free blasting without using any water, restoration of various surfaces after fire, sandblasting to Sa 2.5 (ISO-8501-1:2007), wood aging, cleaning of electrostatic filters, containers of petroleum products, cisterns, collection and utilization of chemical waste. Cleaning of facades of buildings, memorial monuments, bridges, viaducts, heavy construction machinery, pipelines of various diameters, graffitis using high pressure water flow.

We paint all cleaned surfaces and cover them with anticorrosive priming and coating in accordance with the EN ISO 12944-5:2007 standard.
We perform all works in civil constructions in residential and non-residential buildings, engineering networks and hydrotechnical buildings.
We pay much attention to work safety of employees. We are authorized representatives a large manufacturer of protection measures for sandblasters.




Technikos str. 18J,
Kaunas  LT-51211, Lithuania
Company code 302674851
VAT payer code LT100006442612
Bank: AB SEB bankas
Account No:  LT52 7044 0600 0774 4418    

+370 609 90698 

+370 37 353433
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