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Sandblasting helmet GRANIT
It's designed to be used on the flux & abrasion processing stations (sanding and shot blasting), wh...
Sandblasting helmet GRANIT
Sandblasting helmet VEGA
The “VEGA” AIR HELMET is designed to be used on flux & abrasion processing stations (sanding and sho...
Sandblasting helmet VEGA
Metallization helmet LUNA
It's designed to be used on stations for applying anti-corrosion coatings with the use of the metall...
Metallization helmet LUNA
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Metallization helmet LUNA

Application: The “LUNA” AIR HELMET is designed to be used on stations for applying anti-corrosion coatings with the use of the metallization method (coating structures with melted metal ejected from a nozzle by compressed air). This process causes dusting and hazard to the eyes resulting from UV radiation. The helmet protects the user’s respiratory system from the atmosphere, including air unsuitable for breathing. It also protects the worker’s head, eyes and trunk from chips of metals used in the metallization process as well as protecting against noise.
The panoramic visor in the “LUNA” ReS-4M; “LUNA” ReS-4M/OH helmet has a filter absorbing ultraviolet radiation. Among other materials, gold applied in the vacuum diffusion
process was used in the production of the surface absorbing ultraviolet rays on the visor pane. In order to increase the level of noise protection, the “LUNA” ReS-4M/OH version is equipped with an anti-noise ear protection system. An indicator of inflowing respiratory air volume is installed in the helmet. The helmet is completed with a system adjusting the level of inflowing respiratory air or with air-conditioner heating (or cooling) air inflowing to the helmet.
The metallization process is one of the most dangerous processes used in modern technology with regard to the effective protection of people performing the metallization process. In particular fumes from metals produced during metallization processes are extremely dangerous to the human organism.
The “LUNA” air helmet presented is a complex product ensuring, with proper use, full health protection for a person performing this dangerous work. In producing this personal protection product top quality materials are used and the latest technological solutions applied. The helmet is made of composite material consisting of highly durable glass fibres. The apron protecting the user’s trunk is made of non-flammable fabric covered with sprayed aluminium, and protects against chips of melted metal and other hazards. The helmet’s panoramic pane is made of polycarbonate, and is protected by foil fastened on catches.
The helmet is assembled manually, and thus 100% product quality control is assured. Technical solutions, which are not present in other similar products, were applied in the helmet. The helmet’s protection parameters were confirmed by a CE safety certificate (in compliance with Directive 89/686/EEC and EN 271, EN 14594, EN 170 standards). The helmet’s producer maintains an ISO 9001 quality management system certified by TÜV NORD.
Helmet’s advantages:

  • Resistant to temperature, chips of melted metal, easy replacement of external apron (fastened by hook and loop fasteners).
  •  Resistant to abrasion, easy replacement of external apron (fastened by hook and loop fasteners).
  •  Ergonomic internal insert cushioning the user’s head and ensuring high comfort of use.
  • Internal insert with adjustable pressure to head, lined with comfort upholstery. Upholstery elements are fastened with the use of hook & loop fasteners to the internal insert. Upholstery can be washed!
  • Version OH of the helmet has an anti-noise head protection system, reducing the level of noise reaching the user’s ears.
  • High comfort of work and safety of use.
  • Extraordinarily light helmet – helmet weight without apron 1.6 kg


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