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Sandblasting is the most popular and most widely used method of surface cleaning.
Water Jetting Specialists at our company use ultra high pressure water flow to successfully solve difficult cleani... Water Jetting
Coating Coating is one of the ways to protect areas affected by corrosion. Coating
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Dry ice blasting

Lubricants, paints, resins, petroleum products, smut, asphalt, stickers, mud, ink, glue, varnishes - those are just a few materials that may be removed from any solid surfaces using dry ice.
No additional waste remains after cleaning.
Dry ice blast cleaning is not solely effective, fast, but also ecological and harmless.
Cleaning process is dry, it does not produce water.
When dry ice touches the surface, it is converted back to carbon dioxide gas, thus liquid state is skipped.
Cleaning with dry ice does not cause deterioration of the surface, in comparison to other abrasive cleaning methods, therefore the cleaned surface remains the same as it was before getting dirty.
Cleaning with dry ice flow is a new and effective technology of industrial cleaning. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2). Frozen to necessary temperature it is pressed to granules. Dry ice cleaning technology is similar to sandblasting, solely in this case dry ice granules are used instead of sand. When air pressure is high, granules are shot to the surface being cleaned. Due to hard frost contaminants crumble and get separated from the surface being cleaned.




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